Make A Beautifull DIY Doily Lantern

I always get in trouble for leaving the lights on. Watt smart I am not. You can always tell where I’ve been in the house by follow the trail of blazing light and discarded and haphazardly placed coffee tea cups.

I just love things to be bright! I love lamps and light of all shapes and sizes and that includes this DIY doily lantern featured in a video by Socraftastic.

DIY Doily Lantern

This lamp will help give any room in your home an elegant look. How perfect would it be in a little girl’s room?

You will need a balloon, some vaseline, white glue, doilies, mixing bowl and spoons, paint brush, water, flour, spoon, straight pin, and a light kit. A 60 watt or less bulb or LED lights are recommended.