12+ Lovely Wood Slice Crafts


If you are looking for something fun and interesting to decorate your home, I have prepared for you a great collection of wood slice decor ideas that will make your home more unique and special. Wood slice materials are really … Read More

12+ Impressive Modern Asian Home Decor Ideas


Asian civilization is very rich when it comes to religion, philosophy, style and interior design. It has its own uniqueness and it is somehow connected with nature and harmonious relationships. Nowadays, Asian interior design is taking wider implementation than just … Read More

20+ Brilliant DIY Paper Wall Art Projects


Wall art pieces are really hard if not impossible to define as an entire category in just a few words. Sublime copper penny compositions or paper medallions can be embedded in the same category whilst being radically different yet infinitely … Read More

15+ Wonderfull DIY Stacked Flower Pots


This post offers you instructions how to make stacked flower pots for the garden. Take a look and stay positive. Your garden is the place that must be surrounded with the mother nature. We should be grateful to the nature … Read More

13+ DIY Popsicle Sticks Home Decor Ideas


Is there anyone who does not love ice cream?! And who is in for some popsicle ice cream? Don’t be so excited…I won’t share images of ice cream. I just wanted to draw your attention to the next mind blowing … Read More

15+ Lovely Terrarium Ideas That Are Simply Amazing


If you still do not have a terrarium in your home, this will be your time to do it. You can find many terrarium ideas as they are really present in most homes and offices. This decoration idea looks really … Read More

13+ Impressive Stone Decor For Your Garden


Stones are gifts from nature that we have to cherish. We benefit a lot from the stones. The very thought that we can build houses from them is impressive. Everyone of us can make a little stone craft. I have … Read More

20+ Lovely DIY Wood Wall Decor


It is known that wood is usually associated with warmth, coziness, versatility thanks to its beautiful, unique texture for each piece, versatile role it can play in our lives and homes. It is the go to material for furniture building, … Read More

25+ Ingeniously Beautiful DIY Pallet Bed Designs


Wooden pallets can happily be used by anyone to tailor their design solutions creatively, regardless of the level of skill in diy projects wood can work with anyone willing to start on this path. Thanks to its nature it can … Read More

12+ DIY Glass Bottles Garden Decor


I am sure that you have a lot glass bottles somewhere in your home that you are not using. If this is the case, then you should definitely try to reuse them. I have suggested many great ideas of DIY … Read More

10+ Inspiring DIY Cinder Block Garden


Today we have some interesting and attractive for you. If you want to decor your garden in a modern way, but not to spend money this is just for your taste and needs. Here, in this post we offer you … Read More

20+ DIY Decorations to Make With Pebbles


We are always here to inspire you to create something on your own and enhance your space without spending a fortune. This beautifully smooth and great natural material can be used to make so many interesting project for your homes … Read More

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