Friday , December 9 2022

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ideas for making yarn baskets

Ideas for making yarn baskets

Wool yarns can be used in an original and creative way in your home decor. Today we show you how to use wool yarn to make baskets. A beautiful idea that you can use and customize to your personal taste. Baskets match any style and can have different functionalities. Check …

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bicycles made from margarine packets

Bicycles made from margarine packets

For those who like handicrafts, reusing common materials and transforming them into beautiful and wonderful pieces is a dream. If you like this aspect of craftsmanship, today we bring you a fantastic idea, bicycles made from margarine pots. Bicycles made with margarine jars can be used to place plants, but …

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diy original table centers

15+ DIY Original Table Centers

Table centerpieces are a decorative element that bring a little color and joy to your home decor. As the name implies, they are perfect for placing in the center of a table. Traditionally, centerpieces consisted of vases with flowers, nowadays there are more options for all styles and tastes. Centerpieces …

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easy and creative clay crafts

15+ Easy and creative clay crafts

For those looking for craft ideas, our suggestion is clay. Clay is a well-known material, it is quite affordable, easy to find and easy to work with. Clay is a very relaxing material to work with and very versatile. Clay can be transformed into different items that you can use …

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