10+ Awesome Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas

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Wooden crates can be an inexpensive way to create almost anything for the home decor. Readily accessible and quite cheap, wooden crates are a excellent element in the conception of storage units or creation pieces of furniture which can be integrated in any interior design.

Almost all kinds of furniture can be made out of crates. The most popular are; shelves, bookcases, stools and even table.

Check out the following ideas for inspiration and find the perfect DIY project for you.

Colorful Wood Crate Bookcase

Crate Ottoman

Crate Side Table

Storage for Your Bathroom

Throw Blanket Pillow Storage

Vintage Wine Crate Coffee Table

Wood Crate Bench

Wood Crate Coffee Table and Stool Set

Wood Crate Console Table and Shelf

Wood Crate Desk

Wood Crate Shoe Bench

Wooden Crate Nightstand

12 awesome ideas

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