Sunday , September 25 2022
shipping Container Projects

10 Great Shipping Container Projects

Have you ever seen a shipping container on the back of a semi trailer and thought, “That would make for a great place to live.”

Have you ever seen a stack of containers on a ship in port and thought, “Wow look at all the square footage a few of those could give me.”

Yeah, me neither. But then again I wouldn’t consider myself a visionary when it comes to dwelling places.

The designers who created these homes, on the other hand, have created an incredible piece of architecture out of the lowly shipping container.

Best Shipping Container Projects











If you enjoyed these what these people did with their containers then you will love this couple’s new tiny home.

The best part of the gallery that this Reddit user shared? The shipping containers are recycled materials, so you’re actually helping the environment if you invest in making a luxury shipping container home. You can’t beat a base price of $2,000.

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