Awesome DIY Projects Made With Recycled Egg Cartons

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Egg cartons aren’t something i used to think about. But when i search something about them on the net, i found very interesting decorating ideas.

After you see some of this absolutely fantastic projects you will think about them a lot. There are a lot of awesome projects you can do with your kids that involve egg cartons, but also some stunning beautiful projects which will be wonderful decoration for you room.

From lanterns, roses, mirror frames to flowers, wall art ideas and more interesting details, i think now is perfect time to show your DIY skills. Enjoy!

diy egg cartoons 1

diy egg cartoons 2

diy egg cartoons 3

diy egg cartoons 4

diy egg cartoons 5

diy egg cartoons 6

diy egg cartoons 7

diy egg cartoons 8

diy egg cartoons 9

diy egg cartoons 10

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