Cute No Sew DIY Sock Bunny

I have so many lonely socks. Lonely as in their partners have gone missing. Is it the dryer? Is it my hamper? It is my husband? It is one of life’s greatest unsolved mysteries that may never be solved.

There are a few times when it’s good to have an unmatched sock. You can use it to make the cutest sock bunny. Check out this DIY from Handimania. Easy and awesome.

What do you need? Only things you already have around the house. That’s what makes this such a fun and fabulous DIY. Gather up a sock, some rice, twine, ribbon, marker, and some tape (optional). Those are such simple supplies.

This is the perfect craft for spring and Easter. There is a similar one, using the same materials, that you can find here that is perfect for the snowy season. It’s a snowman. Love!


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