Dancing Tutu Ballerina Canvas Wall Art

Ballerina Tutu Canvas Wall Art

If you have girls love ballerina, you won’t miss out this Gorgeous and adorable ballerina canvas wall art, Kristna from Flora’s shop has a series homemade ballerina wall art pieces which are perfect choice for baby girls nursery or little girl’s room decoration.

There are so inspirational for crafters to follow by painting the background and ballerina of the canvas with acrylic paint, adding tutu dress, silk ribbons and other accessories to make our own.

Such cute gift idea for baby shower or any ballerina lover. Or you can buy directly there.

Dancing Ballerina Canvas Wall Art1

Dancing Ballerina Canvas Wall Art2

Dancing Ballerina Canvas Wall Art3

Dancing Ballerina Canvas Wall Art4

Dancing Ballerina Canvas Wall Art5

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