How To Make Roses Using Toilet Tubes

Roses using Toilet Tubes

Toilet paper tubes are not as useless as they may seem once you’ve used all the paper covering them.

As you know, any kind of material can be recycled and this is true for these tubes too. With a bit of guidance and cool tips, you can create small decorative roses out of toilet paper cores.

You will need: toilet paper tubes, a pair of scissors, a pencil, hot glue gun.

Start by cutting the tubes so you will get flat pieces of cardboard. Use a pattern to help you trace the outline of the flower and create several sets.

Flowers using toilet paper rolls


Make the petals too then create the layers of the rose, as shown in the pictures.

Curl the sides of each petal and roll one to create a cone.

Make this the core of the rose and add the other petals around this.

Use the hot glue gun to fix them and when they’re ready, place them around your room or create a piece of wall art.

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