Top 33 IKEA Hacks You Should Know

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As much as we don’t like to admit it, IKEA has become an important part of our life. Everyone owns at least one IKEA item and we have been subdued to our consumerist society.

But we have come to get past this aspect we consider disagreeable and to look for unique methods and hacks of using IKEA items in a different manner than their initial purpose. In the end, its a matter of transforming something no longer useful into a piece that can serve another, better purpose in your home.

Furniture transformation can be categorized, from appearance transformations using stencils, spray paints and other techniques or re-purposing the pieces, as it is the case in the gallery showcased below.

It is amazing how a simple re-positioning of an item can turn its hole purpose up side down!

We invite you to explore the gallery below and to think about new innovative ways you can re purpose your IKEA items, before throwing the unnecessary pieces away.

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ikea hacks 2

ikea hacks 3

ikea hacks 4

ikea hacks 5

ikea hacks 6

ikea hacks 7

ikea hacks 8

ikea hacks 9

ikea hacks 10

ikea hacks 11

ikea hacks 12

ikea hacks 13

ikea hacks 14

ikea hacks 15

ikea hacks 16

ikea hacks 17

ikea hacks 18

ikea hacks 19

ikea hacks 20

ikea hacks 21

ikea hacks 22

ikea hacks 23

ikea hacks 24

ikea hacks 25

ikea hacks 26

ikea hacks 27

ikea hacks 28

ikea hacks 29

ikea hacks 30

ikea hacks 31

ikea hacks 32

ikea hacks 33

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