Wonderful DIY Wine Glass Candle Lampshades

Wine Glass Candle Lampshades F

Transform a few basic wineglasses and a bunch of basic tea lights into the most incredibly enchanting decorative lighting features to be used in any room of the home.

Create a DIY fancy glass candle lampshade to be placed at each diner’s position at a dinner party, create a mood of pure romance or arm yourself with the most amazing gifts for any occasion across the board – these elegant little works of art are quite uniquely versatile!

  1. Wine Glass Candle Lampshades [Video Tutorial]
    1. Wine Glass Candle Lampshades Instructions

Wine Glass Candle Lampshades [Video Tutorial]


Wine Glass Candle Lampshades Instructions

Cut out the sheet of vellum according to the lampshade template.

Apply glue to one end of the template and lap the other end over the glued end, forming the lampshade.

Put the tealight candle in and set the lampshade on top of the wine glass.


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