DIY Animal Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls

Animal Craft Toilet Paper Rolls

Cardboard tubes are not only recyclable materials, but also a source of creativity. The next little DIY projects are all about transforming cardboard tubes (like TP rolls) into cute miniature animals.

They are pretty easy to make, so we believe that you won’t hesitate to try and manufacture a few. Maybe even involve the kids in the DIY process.

They will surely be excited about all the fun a project of this sort implies. Make sure you supervise them while they use the scissors.

We invite kindergarten teachers to draw inspiration from the ideas showcased there because the projects are simple and require no teaching supplies.

animal craft 1

animal craft 2

animal craft 3

animal craft 4

animal craft 5

animal craft 6

animal craft 7

animal craft 8

animal craft 9

animal craft 10

animal craft 11

animal craft 12

animal craft 13

animal craft 14

animal craft 15

animal craft 16

animal craft 17

animal craft 18

animal craft 19

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