Wednesday , June 29 2022

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succulent wreath

How to Make a Living Succulent Wreath

Succulents are easy to take care of. They include sempervivums, sedums, aloes, kalanchoes, echeverias and other fleshy-leaved species. These plants have evolved in some of the toughest growing conditions on earth, and are actually at their best when grown in hot sun and poor soil. These fleshy-leaved plants thrive in …

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diy baby shower gifts

35+ Fabulous DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Cute ideas that expecting parents will actually love and use, these fun presents are actually better than most you can buy. From a cute “bouquet” made of diapers to handmade burp cloths to some of the cutest DIY fashion ideas and clothes for baby you have ever seen. Adorable tiny …

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diy Sock Bunny

Cute No Sew DIY Sock Bunny

I have so many lonely socks. Lonely as in their partners have gone missing. Is it the dryer? Is it my hamper? It is my husband? It is one of life’s greatest unsolved mysteries that may never be solved. There are a few times when it’s good to have an …

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