Wednesday , June 29 2022

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diy mini garden ideas

Awesome Indoor Mini Garden Ideas

The really simple addition able to transform your interior decor beyond belief is probably one of the most accessible as well : the indoor mini garden. Greenery comes in various packages, you can grow them from seeds on and document your story towards an airy, extraordinary decor. There are certain …

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diy mason jar lights lanterns ideas

20+ DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas

Looking for some cool, rustic lighting ideas for your home but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on light fixtures? Honestly, I went to my local hardware store last weekend looking for some new lighting ideas for my bathroom and the offerings were not that great. I think the …

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diy concrete flower vase

Gorgeous DIY Concrete Flower Vases

Vase is a symbol of peace and harmony. With it can be encouraged a variety of symbolic meanings.According to feng shui vase is a great subject which collects good Qi, manifested through calmness of mind and satisfaction. These DIY vases look great in any room of the house and are …

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Containers For Planting

15+ DIY Containers For Planting

These planters are repurposing at it’s finest. It’s good to know that light bulbs, wine bottles, boots, and everything else that would otherwise end up in the rubbish bin can be put to another use. I love these planters! Which are your favorites? Have you tried any of them? I …

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