10+ Creative Christmas Ornaments DIY from Cookie Cutters

It’s about the time to get out all the Christmas decorations and hang ornaments on the tree (or you may have done that). Handmade ornaments are always our favorites to craft during holiday season. Cookie cutters can go beyond baking to upgrade holiday decor! From bead ornaments to dough cookies,[…]

DIY Cute Mini Paper Christmas Tree

This Mini Paper Christmas Tree are so cute, you can make your own to put on your desk or table and get some holiday spirit . We digged these pictures on Pinterest, but very sorry about no original tutorial was found just some photo directions. I think you can finger[…]

15 Miniature Terrariums Masterpieces

In order to make your small garden to be the most beautiful detail into your home you have to work hard on creating the most appealing design and make it real. If you lack ideas check the pictures below, and adopt some of the following tips. Use moist, soil, moss,[…]

40+ Creative Pinecone Crafts for Your Holiday Decorations

Nature is one of the best places to look for craft inspirations. Incorporating nature into your home decoration is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. Pinecones are traditional decoration for the holiday season. They give a natural touch to your home decors and can be combined with other items[…]

How to Make a Doily Lace Bowl

I love containers; boxes, jars, bowls, cans, bags, etc. If it is designed to hold something, I love it! The perfect gift isn’t what is in the container, as much as it is the container itself. I recently made a pile of small doilies. Only trouble was what to do[…]

DIY Recycled Jean Bag

There are a lot of cool ways that you can repurpose old jeans as we have featured to refashion old jeans into new styles or to them into a cute apron for example. The best part is, you’ll still have some material left over to make an adorable little denim[…]

DIY Christmas Bauble Wreath (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

You’ll don’t have to spend much money on Christmas wreath now, ’cause you can make this beautiful festive DIY Christmas Bauble Wreath with Christmas Balls on wire hanger! It’s so simple to make and you can add green leaves and Cinnamon stick, ribbons for better effect. How to make a[…]

10+ Kids Under Stair Playhouse DIY Ideas and Tutorial

If you have kids, you’ll know how much they love playhouses, clubhouses, and forts even tents. While buying a playhouse directly may cost you hundreds even over a thousand bucks, besides it occupies you a lot of space in the backyard. So today we are putting together more than 10+[…]

How to Make Art Desk from Cupboard Door

This project is really create worthy, esp when you have kids growing up and starting learning arts or other desk projects. I hope it fits the bill…! You may check the link here for more information.