Thursday , September 29 2022


diy vertical garden

10+ DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

There’s nothing better than growing your own herbs, flowers and vegetables. Whether you have a small yard or no yard at all, vertical gardens help maximize the space you do have as well as make it possible to garden indoors. Here you have a collection of 12 superb DIY vertical …

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DIY Outdoor Cinder Planter

DIY Cinder Block Garden Planter

If there is one thing about this cinder block planter, it is the need for randomness. You can try different symmetrical layouts in your own garden, plant some care free succulents and they will look simply amazing. Best of all is that there is a step by step image driven …

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Recycled Jeans Planters1

DIY Fun Recycled Jean Planter

This recycled jeans planter is a great use of old jeans for a whimsical garden decor! If you are looking for something distinctive and fun to add to your garden or lawn, it is definitely one of the best choice! This planter adds country charm to any yard. Fill with …

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garden art ideas

17+ DIY Awesome Garden Art Ideas

The DIY Awesome Garden Art Ideas we provide you with are an inspiration to work on making your property the best looking one in the neighborhood. And your creativity is put to the test here: you will have the opportunity to recycle, reuse and impress with all of your gardening …

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