How to Give Your Home a Victorian Decor

Thinking of giving your home a make-over? It is time you try something different and totally unique. How about a Victorian makeover for your home? Read on, for some tips to do up your home in the Victorian way.

For authentic Victorian decor, choosing a nice drapery is a significant option. The windows have to be treated with brocade and velvet drapery. The drapery can be tied back with the help of braided ribbons to add the touch of class and style. If the heavy draped look very bulky, a lighter fabric like silk can be chosen too. Leafing effects and floral accents with embroidery over them would look brilliant.

Consider furnishing options in your home, first and foremost. You need to select furnishing items in wooden finishes to give it an edge of class and style. Abstract laminates in different patterns and styles can give the decor a new twist enhancing the look of the counter tops installed in your home.

You can also bring home chairs, sofas as well as chairs with carved legs to enhance the look of the space. You can improve the look of your furniture by using the throw pillows (with design detailing done up with lace, beads, ribbons etc.). Using velvet for making the cushion covers is a good idea for Victorian decor.