Wednesday , June 29 2022

DIY & Crafts

diy crochet flip flops

DIY Crochet Flip Flop Makeover

You know those two-dollar flip flops you tend to walk by without even glancing at? Well, check out his amazing idea from Petals to Picots and chances are they might just become the only summer footwear you’ll ever buy again! Free Pattern, Simple Tutorial As can be seen in the …

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diy patchwork sofa

DIY Patchwork Sofa

I have seen a lot of these sofas floating around the world wide web lately on pinterest and facebook so I started digging around to see if I could find a good DIY tutorial. What I discovered though is that these couches are actually being sold for thousands of dollars …

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unique stylish neckless

DIY Unique Stylish Necklace

If you one of those who like to experiment and who enjoy in crafting than you are on the right article for the best inspirations ever. Easy and creative way to make your own homemade necklace. Stylish and very interesting idea how to fill your free time. Enjoy! 8 INGENIOUS, …

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diy ring box

DIY Storage Ideas For Your Rings

Get the appropriate material is required, box, glue, scissors, sponges, parce material is of course choose your favorite color. Once you do arrange the rings than you will be satisfied with your finished work. These boxes are easy to make so that you can surprise your good friend, believe this …

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Beachy DIY Coasters

This DIY is quick and the finished coasters look anything but homemade. I think I’ll give these a go! For this craft you will need some rapid set cement, coaster molds, and colorful stones. It’s ok to use whatever cement you have on hand as long as you follow the …

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