Wednesday , June 29 2022
Eccentric Carpet design

20 Eccentric Carpet Designs

When decorating your home, rugs are a great idea how to change the look of your home and to add some eclectic touches in every room. The right choice of a carpet will surely make any room stand out. The main function of any carpet is to provide warmth on …

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diy Stepping Paths

15 Creative Round Stepping Paths

You can use stones as pavers, river rocks or bigger wood slices for this purpose. This will make possible the creation of a playful and attractive patterned path across the yard. Along with all the plants and flowers in the garden such a pathway can make your garden become your dream …

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magic hobbit holes

Green Magic Homes

Since the success of the Hobbit movies, many of us started wondering about how it would be to live in such a cozy and tiny home, like a Hobbit house. That dream can actually become reality, thanks to Green Magic Homes, which specializes in prefab Hobbit house designs. These types …

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concrete planters

Make Your Own Concrete Planters

Check out this ingenious idea to see how to make your own concrete planters. To make your own concrete planters, you will need: A bag of concrete (aprox a 10lb bag) Sand Perlite (to make the concrete a bit less heavy when dry) Water Assorted plastic containers with relatively straight …

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Succulent Garden ideas

15 Awesome Succulent Garden Ideas

If you are trying to find some inspiration and idea how to decorate your porch or deck, courtyard or sunny balcony it is always possible to make fantastic and easy decorations using succulents. You can make a small succulent garden to keep a thriving indoor or outdoor garden filled with …

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