Wednesday , June 29 2022

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shabby chic wreath

20+ Shabby Chic Christmas Wreaths

A wreath is traditionally designed with flowers, fruits, fabric and any other miscellaneous items that may carry some symbolic meaning to the owner. The wreath, according to Christianity, symbolizes the thorns that were worn on Jesus’s head, the red berries his blood and the circular shape signifies eternity. It’s no …

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How to Make a Doily Lace Bowl

I love containers; boxes, jars, bowls, cans, bags, etc. If it is designed to hold something, I love it! The perfect gift isn’t what is in the container, as much as it is the container itself. I recently made a pile of small doilies. Only trouble was what to do …

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recycled jeans bag

DIY Recycled Jean Bag

There are a lot of cool ways that you can repurpose old jeans as we have featured to refashion old jeans into new styles or to them into a cute apron for example. The best part is, you’ll still have some material left over to make an adorable little denim …

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