How to recycle your old jeans

diy old jeans

We all have old jeans in our closets. If you are thinking about throw them away , think again and give it a new oportunity, it is just a matter of using your imagination and you’ll see that there are numerous ideas to bring it to life.

Find here 7 of them

Number one : pocket charger

How many times did you find yourself in a position of having to charge your cellular phone and not having a place to put it? You can solve this problema by sewing the jeans  back pockets together, make a small strap and then you can hang it where ever you want.


Number two: organize your  working space

If you’re working space is a mess use the jeans to make a very  original organizer, cut the trousers legs, sew it in order to obtein a big square and then sew pockets all over this piece. The more diferente  pockets you’ll use the more interesting this organizer will be


Number three:  Poufs

If you like puffs you can use one pair of your  old jeans and make two poufs in a row. You’ll need a sewing machine and something to fill in the pouf.


Number four: casual bags

Cut the jeans legs in strips, and enjoy yourself thinking this is a puzzle, plait the strips all together  and  don’t forget to use the sewing machine.


Number five: organization module

You can convert your old jeans in organization modules  that you can use  to keep magazines, thread or everything you can think of.


Number six:  cover chairs

Use the legs of the trousers and you will find endless uses to cover  ( use it as a wadding) your chairs.


Number seven: Small work of art

If  you think you are inspired use the jeans fabric to create works of art, be original and create beautiful things.


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